Made Easy!

Start teaching, transforming and tracking progress online …
in just 7 days!

eLearning Made Easy!

Start teaching, transforming and tracking progress online …
in just 7 days!

The Ultimate Learning Improvement Platform

(for Training)

The greatest all-in-one platform… ever!

Make Online Learning

Your competitive advantage!


It’s time to start enhancing your customer, partner and employee success through effective eLearning! Launch your online learning empire in just 7 days without the hassle, long timelines and expense of traditional enterprise LMS providers.


Time is money. We will deliver a world class, cost effective, brand aligned, mobile / tablet optimised, TULIP LMS for you ... in just 7 days!

TULIP Dashboards

Enjoy stunning student, instructor and admin dashboards with unique functionality based on each user role.

TULIP Learning Zone

Enhance retention and student engagement with our cutting edge flash card mastery, note taking functionality and much more.

TULIP Course Creator

Build your courses in style with our intuitive, drag and drop, template based, course builder. Videos, documents, flash cards and much more can be added to enhance the learning experience.

TULIP Reporting

Data is the new oil. Our industry leading analytics allows you to create simple and / or complex reports ... on autopilot!

TULIP Focus Mode

Boost student productivity with a cutting edge "focus mode" offering a distraction free experience.

TULIP Ecommerce

Monetise your training by selling your courses online!

TULIP Course Builder

An intuitive builder allows you to create a course in a short space of time.

TULIP Assessments

Enjoy advanced, state of the art quiz functionality, enabling students to deepen knowledge and understanding while gaining instant feedback and recommendations throughout the learning process.

TULIP Webinar / Live classroom / VR

The perfect remote learning solution! Integrate with your preferred solution or use ours!

TULIP Ultimate Scale

Create the ultimate annuity model by selling your entire LMS offering as a white labelled, B -B product or SAAS. (Software as a service.) And much much more...!

TULIP Security

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your content, data and user information is protected with end to end encryption and SSL certification.

Nurture your leads

Boost sales by educating new prospects about your products and services.

All on autopilot!

Employee training

Enhance staff performance and innovation through effective onboarding and training programs.

Customer training

Increase customer satisfaction and decrease support queries (and cost) via product training.

Monetise learning

Maximise revenue potential through online course sales, subscriptions and membership programs.

So what makes TULIP for Training

… so different?

TULIP for Training was first and foremost designed as a platform to enhance memory retention and user engagement on all levels, in the simplest way possible. Secondly – it was designed to help you get up and running as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Save Money

TULIP for training allows you to enjoy the benefits of the most powerful features and functionality of the world's leading LMS providers ... at a FRACTION of the cost! This means extra money available to you to spend on the only 2 things that get results ... marketing and innovation!

scale with ease

Cost savings and cutting edge technology at your fingertips means that you can focus all your attention on what you do best .... training!

beginners or expert

Equally geared to both beginners and seasoned experts. New users will appreciate the intuitive design and experience based on pre-made templates and drag and drop simplicity. Seasoned pro's will also have more than they need to take their course creation and delivery skills to the next level!

your digital partner

Enjoy our easy to follow instructional videos that will get you up and running in no time. If you need any help, just reach out to our friendly support crew.

Flexible Pricing Plans to Suit Your Budget!


Most frequent questions and answers

TULIP for Training is software hosted in the cloud, a.k.a. Software as a Service (SaaS). Which means we host the software for you. And you don’t have to download a thing. All you need is an internet-connected computing device (Mac, Windows, Chromebook, Linux PC, even most of the latest tablets), and a recent version of any of the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.) We help you get everything set up and running within 7 days.

Of course! We can either help you choose a great new domain name for your LMS website or you can let us know which domain name you would like to run your TULIP for TRAINING website on. 

With TULIP for Training, we leave nothing to chance.

It is essential to us that TULIP for Training offers the most robust security measures available – helping to ensure the security of your data — and your customers’ data.

We start with a direct, secure, encrypted (256-bit) connection directly from your customers to your payment gateway. Customer payment information is tokenized — a fancy term that means that at no time does any customer payment data ever touch our servers. We never store it, and we never see it.

All the data you store in your account – including the personal information you collect about your leads and customers, is protected by multiple firewalls and Cloudways security. On top of that, there is no central TULIP for Training database to hack. Every TULIP for Training user account has its own, isolated database. That means it’s practically impossible for anyone to breach TULIP for Training and run off with “everyone’s data”.

Finally, TULIP for Training is extremely reliable too! Today’s internet-driven businesses run 24/7/365. Any downtime is lost money. So we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure the reliability of TULIP for Training for your business. TULIP for Training’s digital infrastructure runs on the best — top-tier storage, hosting and delivery providers including Cloudways, Google, and Vimeo. This is your assurance that TULIP for Training will be there for you, day in and day out.

TULIP for Training gives you a convenient, budget-friendly monthly subscription model with the lowest prices you’ll find for such a combination of LMS and learning enhancing tools ALL in one powerful platform. You can cancel or change your subscription at any time.

That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it?
Maybe what we really should be asking is, “Why does other LMS software cost so much?”
Because truly, in this day and age, there is no sane reason for you to have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month on multiple apps to get the minimum necessary functionality you need to run your online training business.
Nor should you have to spend the time to research hundreds of apps to find the right combination for your business, learn how to use each app, and spend money on programmers to integrate them so they can share data. Again, in this day and age, that’s just insanity.
After struggling ourselves for over 10 years to try and find a viable solution for our business (and clients) and coming up empty, we decided to do something about this.

Absolutely not! 

TULIP for Training’s simple drag-and-drop interface and menu wizards lets you do everything without any code whatsoever — from designing and configuring your training courses and assessments; to uploading users and interacting with students. 
TULIP for Training makes it even easier for you with its wide variety of gorgeous, pre-designed “drag and drop” course builder templates, getting you going in record time. (All built with your users in mind to help increase user engagement and experience – UX / UI – from the get go!)
With TULIP for Training, anyone, regardless of experience, can easily build a complete online training course in just a few hours – not days or months! No code required!

API’s allows you to connect your new LMS platform with other platforms that you currently use.

We'll get you up and running with our 7 step process

Instructor and admin dashboards with unique
functionality based on their user roles.

Enhance retention and student engagement with our cutting edge flash card mastery, note taking functionality and much more.

Enhance Your Students' Learning Experience
Through Interactive Content

High level overview and detailed reports can be displayed and exported within a few clicks

Boost student productivity with a cutting edge "focus mode" offering a distraction free experience.

An enormous amount of flexibility for selling your courses online.

An intuitive builder that makes constructing your course a breeze!

Full website clone option