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LMS Solutions and e-Learning

LMS Solutions

With our extensive experience in a variety of Learning Management Systems, we will help you choose the best solutions and platform to suit your needs. Deploying cutting edge and engaging interactive educational concepts based on how the brain works such as Micro-learning, Snippet Content, Tulip and other science-based, memory training techniques.

e-Learning Content Production

Content Creation

Genius Series offer a full range of content creation solutions, from planning and scripting right through to filming and editing. Converting content into the file formats and delivery methods that you require, from flat content to e-readers, animations and full HD video production. Our in-house experts are able to offer complete solutions to meet your needs and engage your audience. 

LMS Strategy Project Management

e-Learning Strategy

Our broad range of technical and project management skills allow us to understand your project needs and implement solutions quickly and efficiently. Ongoing hosting, technical support, system upgrades and course material uploads, online marketing and social media are all part of our offering including implementing the requirements for SETA accredited training. 

Medical LMS E-learning
From professional medical courses to
accredited technical training
and everything in between.
We’ve got you covered​.

Genius Series Specialize in Moving Your Training Courses Online.
Our purpose in the eLearning space is to simplify knowledge transfer.

  • LMS Solutions​
  • Content Creation​​
  • SETA Accreditation
  • Project Implementation​​

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In order to survive and thrive in the new normal knowledge economy, one needs to become as nimble as change itself. Innovation is the result of relentless curiosity and enquiry. Creativity is birthed, nurtured and then finally unleashed in an environment that encourages people to learn and play ... every day.

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